Episode 48: Milwaukee Talkie w/ Youth Mental Health

A conversational, full-length interview with Dr. Sheri Johnson and Dr. Steve Dykstra, two psychologists affiliated with Milwaukee County. Dr. Johnson is the Director of UW-Madison’s Population Health Institute and member of the Milwaukee County Health Board, and Dr. Dykstra is the Director of Milwaukee County’s Children’s Mobile Crisis team. We talk about mental health services available within Milwaukee county, and mental health red flags in young adults.

For more information about mental health services from the County, as well as meeting times and information about funding associated with mental health, go to Milwaukee County Mental Health Board’s page here.

Action steps:

1. If you are worried about someone, calmly and respectfully let them know why you're worried.
2. Come to Milwaukee County Mental Health Board meetings. The next one is at the Washington Park Senior Center on September 26th at 4:30pm.
3. Be mindful about how you refer to behavior. Think about your use of words like "crazy", or "nuts."