Episode 47: Milwaukee Talkie - Anita Mogaka

A conversational, full-length interview with Anita Mogaka, Founder and Community Narrator at the B.E.E. Narrative and all-around Milwaukee star. The B.E.E. Narrative’s mission is to shine a light on the positive stories of Black Milwaukee's people, places, and experiences. Anita talks with us about her unique approach to storytelling, the importance of narratives and creation, and how to learn from previous generations.

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Action steps:

1. Get involved with some sort of professional network and regularly attend events.
2. Find your passion project outside of work and commit to it.
3. "Create" the narratives that define your community, neighborhood, or city. Don’t just react to what everyone is already saying.
4. Follow the B.E.E. Narrative on Facebook, Instagram, and thebeenarrative.com.