About Bridge the City

Bridge the City bridges together people, resources, and ideas that inspire Milwaukee to action.


Our Purpose

Soundbites aren’t solutions and knowledge without action does not change the world. That’s why Bridge the City seeks to close the gap between ideas and concrete action.

Disheartened by the disempowering narratives often peddled by national media outlets, we seek to create content that empowers at the local level. We want you to see how you can make a difference in the community you live, work, and play in. Every episode of our podcast ends with concrete action steps that you can take advantage of to create positive change in your community.

The first episode of Bridge the City debuted in December 2017. Since then, Bridge the City has not only produced podcasts, but collaborated with local organizations and hosted events. We’re excited to continue to find creative ways to bridge together people, resources, and ideas that inspire Milwaukee to action.

Our Founders

Ben Rangel and Kyle Hagge first met when they moved to Milwaukee to serve as AmeriCorps members with College Possible, a nonprofit focused on getting low income students to and through college. Ben served two years at Pulaski High School while Kyle served two years at Milwaukee High School of the Arts.

Ben grew up in Racine, WI and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Kyle grew up in Eden Prairie, MN and graduated from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. They are recent graduates of Marquette University, where they were Trinity Fellows. The Trinity Fellowship is a graduate fellowship that focuses on social and economic justice and allows students to earn their Masters degree while simultaneously working at a nonprofit organization.

As Ben and Kyle’s original idea for Bridge the City has grown larger, the Bridge the City team has grown, too.