Episode 20: Two Years of Trump

What’s the state of American politics & society today, two years into the Trump Administration? We hear from 6 distinguished Marquette University professors on their areas of expertise and both the good and bad that has happened in those areas since Trump has taken office. Dr. Julia Azari discusses party politics, Dr. Paul Nolette examines Trump’s efforts to reshape the judiciary, Dr. Duane Swank highlights domestic economic policy, Dr. Susan Giaimo walks us through the ongoing healthcare debate, Dr. Richard Friman analyzes Trump’s foreign policy through an International Relations lens, and finally Dr. Phillip Rocco illuminates the politicization of numbers and the role of expertise and data in a functioning democracy. Listen to the full episode to come away with a nuanced understanding of what has changed since Trump took office and what the expected trajectory of the USA is as it heads towards 2019 and beyond.